Jackie Sanders Photography

Rosemary Skillet Bread

For many years I avoided the kitchen. Having made my share of burned macaroni and cheese and starting spaghetti on fire, it was not my favorite place to be. Seriously, how does a person start spaghetti on fire? My guy is a fantastic cook and on one of our first dates he introduced me to the garlic press. Probably one of my favorite tools now. With his help my cooking and baking skills have improved over the past couple years and this week I decided to try my hand at making bread. Since I wanted to photograph the bread, and of course, eat it later, I thought about buying a beautiful crusty loaf at a local bakery. But we had all the ingredients at home and all I needed was rosemary so I thought it’d be much more interesting to make it myself. Interesting, seeing as I’d never made bread before, but trying is half the fun right?

I found this incredibly easy recipe for rosemary skillet bread on pinterest http://www.handletheheat.com/no-knead-rosemary-parmesan-skillet-bread/ Did it turn out perfect? No, but I like that about it. I think the imperfections make it more engaging to look at. The skillet added to the lovely rustic feeling of the images that buying a loaf wouldn’t have given me either. I love the colors, textures, and emotion that goes into food. The other reason I like photographing food is just so I can eat it afterward. I had a slice with olive oil and later we made super long panini’s for dinner. So, so good!!

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