Jackie Sanders Photography

Princeton Flea Market

I’ve always been fascinated by the treasures to be found at the Princeton Flea Market. Booths filled with antiques, books, and old tools could keep a person’s attention for hours. When I was a child I would find all kinds of little tchotchke’s to purchase with my pocket change and once, we even brought home a fluffy little kitten. They no longer allow you to bring pets into the park but I still consider it one of the best flea market finds. When I was 19, and a sophomore in college, I bought a small tufted green chair for my dorm room and started collecting old character glasses. Fifteen years later the green chair found it’s way to the curb but I still have many of the glasses, at least the ones I haven’t broken over the years. 

Photographically the flea market has continued to hold my fascination and I’ve brought my camera with me a time or two. I love the repetition of shapes and the textures of old wood and metal. Boxes filled with like items creating a study in pattern. 

Not for the first time have I  jived with these collections of found objects. The final image below is from ten years ago when I was still photographing with black and white film on my old nikon slr. 

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