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2016 will be starting in a couple short days and I have mixed emotions about it. This year has been happy and sad, filled with good ideas and unfortunate choices. My hope for this year is to learn from my mistakes and to focus on the good. To remember who I am as a person and what is important to me, that I’m good at what I do, to have confidence and find a place that fits me. I bought a new calendar for 2016 the other day and on the first page before January is an image of a camera and written next to it is “Follow your Art” below that the title of the calendar “Today is day one”.  Since moving a few months ago I’ve been afraid that I won’t be able to change what I’m doing, that I’m not going where I need to go to grow as a person and an artist. I know there is going to be bad days amongst the good, but I hope this year holds more good than bad. This image I made about a week ago, I had a teacher who believed that hands show a lot of a person’s personality and I’ve taken that to heart in much of my own work. It seems an appropriate image to start the new year, full of whimsy, a little humor and perhaps some hope too.


Welcome. I recently changed website hosts and this one has an integrated blog, which I’m very excited about. I used to have a blog and loved it, but it kind of fell to the wayside with the business of life. With the new year I’m hoping to start back up again. I was an artist long before I became a photographer, for as long as I can remember in fact. So while my career is as a photographer, a form of art itself, I want this to be a place where I can talk about anything artistic, about things that matter to me as a person, things I’m working on, what I’m thinking about. Take it for what you will, this is just me. Goofy, weird, good natured, artistic, easy going, down to earth me. 

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