Jackie Sanders Photography


I’m constantly writing down ideas for photographs. Recently, I was watching a video by a couple of fantastic food photographers on Creative Live and became really inspired by their work. I love food photography and started writing and drawing all the ideas that came to my head. One image was of nectarines in a wood bowl on a dark  surface. I went out to a couple of thrift stores and searched for the right kind of bowl but I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Undeterred, I found this pretty honey colored ceramic one instead. Using window light and a reflector I brought to life the image I saw in my head. Beautiful oranges and reds against rich browns, filled with texture. 

I had bought way too many nectarines to photograph and couldn’t eat them all before they would go bad so I cut them into chunks and froze them. I love to make this strawberry frozen yogurt and thought making it out of nectarines would be a great way to use the extra fruit up and perfect for a hot summer afternoon. I thought it would be interesting to show the nectarine frozen yogurt in a different way than I had photographed the nectarines in the bowl. I created the opposite of that darker more dramatic image with this light, summery scene. Working with quickly melting food takes some forethought but I was able to get the shot and eat it before it was mush. It was delicious by the way. Find the recipe here http://www.justataste.com/healthy-easy-peach-frozen-yogurt-recipe/

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