Jackie Sanders Photography

Little Red Car in the Night

With teaching my commercial class starting this week I had this idea in my head to create an example for our first assignment using a little red car a member of the Fox Valley Photography Group had given me. I originally wanted to draw a two-dimensional background for the car, but at a recent photography meeting I was very inspired by an image one of the group presented. He had created this amazing three dimensional diorama of a grave yard with tiny cut out victorian ladies and little branches for trees. It had this gorgeous vintage feel with a hole for the moon cut out of the background. For the car image I took a page out of his book and created my own 2d/3d night scene and yes, totally stole his idea of cutting a hole from the background for the moon. Such a fantastic idea!! Different than the style of many of my images, but I was excited to combine my love of drawing with photography. Below is my three light set up. I used two speed lights, one gelled blue, to light the car and my desk lamp for the moon.

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