Jackie Sanders Photography

An Ode to Fading Flowers

Over the summer and fall I love going out to the farmer’s market. Every booth is filled with beautiful colors, people and chaos. I’m able to purchase some of my favorite items that I can’t find anywhere else like the goat’s milk soap I love and chocolate covered soybeans. I can’t resist the big, gorgeous bouquets of colorful flowers either. I don’t always take my camera with me because there I times I just want to exist in a moment without documenting it. This can sometimes be difficult when you see an image and you beat yourself up about not capturing it. A practice I’ve taken up is taking mental photographs and knowing that there will be hundreds and thousands of beautiful images to capture in the future. 

An example of one of my mental photographs is seeing the aftermath of a flower booth after selling out. There were petals and leaves strewn everywhere, bits and pieces of flowers left behind. It was gorgeous and messy. On the occasion that I took these particular images we had brought home a big colorful bouquet and we had set it on our table. One evening I was sitting at the table while Trevyn was preparing another delicious dinner. I was looking at the flowers and they were starting to wilt and fade away. Now some people might think, it’s time to throw these away, but I found them so lovely and interesting. The motion of the sunflower in the top image especially caught me.  For me it’s finding beauty in all things, young, old, broken, new, different. 

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