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My mom gave me my first camera when I was 12 years old and I quickly fell in love with photography. It was just a little point and shoot camera, but that didn't stop me from making anyone I could get my hands on to pose for me. I still enjoy capturing people's personalities but have since found a passion for other genre's of photography like food, travel, lifestyle, and still life. As an artistic and spirited photographer I love to bring out the beauty of every person, place, or thing that I photograph. A fondness for all things artistic has greatly affected my photography style. My unique perspective, lighting, and composition result in photographs that are simple and creative. No matter what I'm photographing, I set up and photograph with patience and an attention to detail that allows me to capture the image I envision. 

I'm currently the in-house photographer for WG & R and August Haven out of Green Bay, Wisconsin. I am also lucky to be able to share my love of photography through running the Fox Valley Photography Meet Up group. It's exciting to watch people grow as photographers and to encourage their creativity.  https://www.meetup.com/Fox-Valley-Photography-Meetup/

In my daily life, I live with my best friend. I am lucky to be with the most supportive and amazing guy. Our thirteen year rescue cat, who insists on my attention any time I'm editing photos, and our two rambunctious dogs round out our menagerie. If you can't tell, I also love animals and, like art, have since I was a little girl on my parents and grandparents farm. I love nature and the city, I'm a bit goofy and like to make people laugh. I miss my bike desperately in the winter and live for sunny days. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my photography.

Jackie Sanders

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